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Personalised nutrition, unique to you & your PCOS.

We’re changing the way your PCOS is managed. Lifestyle modification is a proven treatment for PCOS, but we're not all the same. We use your data to give you the right plan for you.

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Cysta is smart personalised nutrition- based on your data

Small changes make a big difference when they are the right changes for you. We don't tell you to cut out entire food groups. We use your lab results, symptoms, genetic data and medical history to identify what systems in your body aren't working optimally and what changes are going to have the biggest impact on your symptoms

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Hear from our Cystas:


“After implementing the program, it took only 1 month for me to get my period, and then 4 months later I was pregnant completely naturally (after all the medical treatments failed). I also lost quite a lot of weight, and my energy levels were so much better and I wasn’t hungry all the time!” “Cysta […]


“I remember being told by my GP “The only reason you’ve got PCOS is because you’re overweight. Having PCOS is literally just an excuse to be overweight.” This has had an enormous impact on my life. I was in an unhappy place in my body and mentally as well. I’ve now learnt that this isn’t […]


“Seeing my symptoms getting reversed has been amazing. I never thought it would happen. I think when I started the program, I thought, “No, this is not going to happen.” But having it worked was incredible. I’ll never look back now. It’s a lifestyle. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back after so many […]


“I was told IVF was my only option. I was so shocked and distraught, and it was probably the lowest point ever in my life. I was dubious about diet changes, because I thought I was already eating healthy. I was already eating my five a day with my vegetables, so can changing my diet […]


“Nobody had ever told me anything other than, “You have this condition (PCOS), it’s going to make you put weight on. Lose weight, you’ll be fine.” I’ve now learnt that there’s always a root cause, and it isn’t one-size-fits-all.” “My periods used to be non existent… now I get one every 35 days, and as […]

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No more having to drive across town to sit in a surgery office waiting for your appointment. We tell you what you need to do each day, and bring your coach to you, via our app.

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We've scienced the shit out of PCOS, so you don't have to.

We believe that when you know 'why' you're making the changes you are, you are so much more likely to stick with them. So we've created hundreds of articles, PDFs and videos to help you understand your body and why you're making changes.

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At the moment, we're only taking on new members by application. We're still in the trial phase of Cysta and we want to make sure that we're a good fit for each other.